The Old Know How Rediscovered

Learn to recognize and balance your Food

About the Five Elements of Food

It is a 2500 years old system, to see the body in whole, and treat disorders primarily with food, by balancing with ingredients within the elements. The food is your natural pharmacy. It consists of the Old Know How and experience within the Elements and their relevance together. The circle may be seen as a day, a year, or even the whole lifetime, and aswell as the body from foot to head. All ingredients mentioned support this element and one element nourishes the next, and restrains the one after the next, or needs the element from the opposite side. For example….water nourishes the plants….and water restrains the fire….best would be, and not only for the taste, that a meal contains ingredients of all 5.



Original Qi, for bones, teeth, hair;
Connection to the ear
Food mostly dark colour

  • soup-1-o
  • water-legumes-o
  • fermentedminerals-o
  • sprout-o

Our origin, our original Qi, the water in the belly of our mother, the seawater, they all have the same pH of + – 7,4. It nourishes the bones, teeth and hair, reflects to kidneys and bladder. The time is winter, night or the early morning, we could be afraid, the ear might have heard a noise, the taste is salty.
 This element contains power soups, seaweed which bind toxins, fermented and minerals like Miso and legumes in similar shape to an embryo…

Boiling, Pressure Cooker, Inserting



Saves Blood, nourishes tendons, cares for harmonic Qi flow; Connection to the eyes
Food mostly green

  • spring-herbs-o
  • wood-greens-o
  • fermented-o
  • umeboshi-o

It reflects to liver and bile, saves blood, nourishes tendons, cares for harmonic Qi flow. The time of the year is spring, the daytime is the morning, time of live is the youth,
 the feeling which may occur is the anger. It refers to the eyes, which may be weak after having to much alcohol the previous day. The taste is sour, to this element belong the fresh herbs, the green vegetables, which bind Co2 in order to detox and the fermented which supports the liver.

Steaming, Searing, Pickling
 and Fermenting



Circulation of blood
 and blood vessels, affects the heart
Connection tot he tongue
Food mostly red

  • spicy-vegetables-o
  • oils-o
  • fire-spices-o
  • bitter-fire-o

Reflects to the small intestines, 3 Times Heater, responsible for circulation of blood vessels, affects the heart. Time is summer, the mid age, or mid of the day. It first heats you up as to cool down your system in summer. This kind of detox happens through the skin by sweating. You feel the joy which lets your heart beat. The taste is bitter hot and spicy. This Element contains the spicy, red vegetables, good Oils, and Bitters.

Stir frying, Frying, Dehydrating



Referes to the stomach, nourishes the middle, connective tissue
Connection to the mouth
Food mostly orange

  • earth-roots-o
  • earth-spices-o
  • milk-o

Reflects to the stomach, spleen and pancreas. It nurishes the middle and the connective tissue. It’s the time of the late summer, afternoon, or the mid age.
The sentiment may be the pondering, as we don´t know our future. The taste is sweet, it signifies the sweetness of life. This element contains all nourishing foods, such as you would feed to children, like milk, sweet roots and warming spices. In this element lie the most diseases of our time due to white sugar everywhere in our food.

Baking, Stewing, Mashing, Pureeing



Distributes Qi on skin, opens the pores, 
affects the Lung
Connection to the nose
Food mostly light brown

  • icon-blanco
  • pungent-metal-o
  • cereals-o

Reflects to the lungs and to the colon, distributes Qi on skin surface, opens the pores for detoxing. Time it is he evening, the switch from fall to winter. The sentiment we may feel is grief, separation, or to be boxed in. The taste is pungent. All grains, like rice, millet, buckwheat, kamut… belong to this element, pungent spices and pungent roots like horse radish or ginger.

Cooking, Rice Cooker, Grating