Belong to the water element, they strenghten your original Qi, mainly they fill up the yin, fluids of your body.

They should give you power, fill up your mineral depot and should change by season. Summer broths are light, clear and cooling and cooked quickly. Winter broths are rich, creamy and thick and should warm you.

Salty enzyme-rich soups eaten at the beginning of a meal help one to prepare the digestive system for the rest of a meal and this was tradition for centuries. Soups were maybe pour peoples food mainly for dinner, but needed and useful.

Lentils · Aduki · Beens · Peas · Green beans · Chickpeas · Mungo beans · Soja beans · Tofu · Tempeh · Seitan

Because oft he high protein content, legumes are a good replacement for animal protein. Legumes are rich sources of potassium, calcium, iron, and several B-vitamins.

Nevertheless many people don´t digest legumes very well and experience problems. In many cases due to improper preparation, or poor food combining. Legumes can help regulate sugar, and other aspects of metabolism and proper growth and development oft he body. According to the Chinese medicine, the bean is the proper food for the kidneys and the sexual organs.
The colors of the beans tell you what they balance.
The red aduki – the fire element
The garbanzo, yellow pea and soja bean – the earth element
The white such as lima bean – the metal
The black beluga – the water
The green mung – the wood

Miso soup
Miso is fermented soybean paste, originated 2,500 years ago.
There are different types of miso: soybean (hatcho), barley (mugi), rice (shiro).
Darker and longer fermented Miso, like hatcho for colder climates.
Lighter and less fermented, like shiro – warmer climates.
brown and moderately fermented,like mugi-moderate climates or year round.
Miso is a live food containing lactobacillus ( same as yogurt )
what helps for digestion, contains up to 20% of protein, similar in it´s pattern as meat, it even has bits of B12.
It is used for soups,or other like rice congeé, creates a alkaline condition in the body and therfore helps to stay healthy. Miso may be used in place of salt or seasoning.
Miso hast he ability to absorb toxins. Please fill miso into a glass container when purchased in plastic and store it cold.
Use miso balanced as you would use salt, but all overdose may cause irritations in the body.

It is said that they detoxify, moisten dryness, remove radiation in the body, build yin fluids and improve water metabolism, are real lymphatic cleansers and alkalize the blood. Seaweed is helpfull to activate and help the liver and are beneficial to the thyroid. Seaweed may lower colesterol in the body and fat in the blood, seaweed rejuvenate the lungs.
Seaweed contains all one hundered or so minerals and trace elements in the ocean such as our blood. For me it´s the perfect
medicine, just packed in a living plant, to balance anything, as it is so similar to our blood and, to our water origin, from where we come, just out oft he belly of our moms.

Represent the greatest power and will to come to live. Beans just wait for the perfect condition, when water element turns to wood, that means when dry, in winter they sleep and when spring comes, and water is available, they begin to sprout, and begin a new life.
At the same time vitamins and enzymes increase dramatically and their protein is converted into amino acids and peptones and more, simply the bean gets more benefits, such as less allergens and is easier to digest.
Sprouts have cooling effects and maybe lightly cooked for weak people. During cold seasons they are a great source like a fresh vegetable. You may always start to sprout, as only a glass container, some water, some mesh and a rubber band is needed.


Chilli Peppers

Spicy vegetables treat colds and respiratory problems effectively and also improve blood circulation. Chilli, or red pepper is a high sources of vitamin C. Red vegetables, like tomatoes with their red colour have cooling effects. They should be eaten in summer when your sytems needs to be cooled down. You balance a tomatoe with seasalt form the opposite element like water and add some bitter as basil to help the digestion. Most fruit aswell with the colour red, belong to the fire element.

To my point of view too much attention is given to fruit nowadays. Fruit is there just to please you like a sweet or dessert, a pleasure, not a main course. It gives you the joy of life, shows you it´s red colour which peolpe connect to the heart, to the fire element. It indeed lights your fire and starts your insulin production and it does not give you the benefits that you would think of. Fruit contain lots of sugars which gets your blood sugar up on high. I would recommend to eat fruit as dessert, or prepared as compot whith spices and a pinch of salt.


Rapeseed oil · Sesame oil for frying · Olive oil mixed with food
People in the Mediterranean consume a great amount of olive oil, the oil with the highest monosaturated oil, which is about 90 %.
The people eat a high-fat diet and have low incidence of heart disease, why? As the body consists mainly of fat conncetions, hydrocarbon, monosaturated oils can bind fats and transport them out of the body. Coconut oil contains about 90% of saturated fats, clarified butter about 65%, so there is almost nothing left to bind or attach, the same with Ghee.
Example: In order to clean our greasy plates we use dish liquid which is made of fats, fat bind fats.

Pepper · Red Pepper · Chilly · Curry · Saffron · Curcuma

Hot spices improve blood circulation and they they stimulate digestion,They have antimicrobial functions, that´s why some like it hot. As the temperature and climate in each country is different, the hot spices are mostly needed in hot climates, or only in summer, to unfold their antibacterial properties, when mostly needed. Curcuma has antiflammatory and antioxidant qualities and protects the liver and colon from toxins.

Rucola · Radicchio · Chicory

Mainly bitters reduce and drain ascending mucus, that means the bitter helps by overconsumption of rich or sweet foods. Bitter is medicine such as many bitter herbal tinctures, which help the digestion. The bitter substances are bred out of our vegetables, but in our time of overconsupmtion of sugary foods very much needed. Nowadays people tend to balance their system with coffe, which has a decending, and bitter effect. Just be aware that coffe takes minerals such als calcium out of our body. Tip: drink Kukicha tea inbetween, it gives you back a lot of minerals.
Bitter sustances help the digestion and aleviate headakes, colds, sniffs, lower your blood sugar and blood pressure, and are perfect little helpers to let you sleep well! Here is a list:


Chives · Persil · Koriander · Thyme · Oregano · Sage · Chervil · Tarragon · Balm Dill · Mint · Basil · Majoram · Rosemary · Savory
Healthy herbs have long been held an holistic place in our wellbeing.
For their healing power, Herbal benefits are many; be it for spiritual reasons or to spice up your taste.
Herbs are in use in our diet since antiquity, they have potential health mainly for binding Co2 and detoxing just by exhaling. The spring greens support the liver and gallbladder. There are some herbs like persil which is an 5 Element herb- and serves all elements just by one plant.
Herbs can be categorized into five main tastes. Spicy herbs treat colds and respiratory problems effectively and also improve blood circulation; while sweet herbs improve the functioning of the spleen. Sweet herbs can also relieve pain and boost the body’s natural immunity. Bitter herbs aid the cardiovascular system, while treating constipation and asthma. They stop bacterial growth in the digestive tract. Sour herbs treat liver disorders and help in digestive process. Salty herbs promote the health of kidneys.

Chard · Kale · Savoy · Brocoli · Cabbage · Brussel Sprouts · Cellery · Cauliflower · Pakchoy · Fennel · Leek
Green highest sources of chlorophyll, which deodorizes your breath, and body odor, just by exhaling.
Green plants always have been the greatest source of food, as they were just there, everywhere. The greener a plant gets, the more chlorophyll it contains. Green is a „master colour“ which benefits all conditions, it´s the colour of renewal. The longer a plant takes to grow, the more power and benefit it contains for your wellbeing. For example a brussel sprout can give you much more benefits than a quick grown salad. Inside the strunk, for example of a kale, or savoy we find the highest concentration of calcium vitamins, many times more as compared to any fruit, well hidden and mostly just thrown away into the garbage. These types of cabbages a rich source of Vitamin A,C,E and K. Vitamin C and E are great antioxdantes and protext us from free radicals, and support our imun system.
Even in wintertime when nothing grows outside, we benefit from cabbages, as they can be used throughout the cold season, to supply us with the needed vitamins and minerals. Greens in general have healing values for the liver, but again mother nature gives us advises what is best for our metal element, large intestin. The leaves of savoy for example are similar to what we find inside this organ. Savoy for example if it´s cooked and prepared well, is medicine for our system.
As green plants detoxify they are mainly needed by adults, who have more to balance. This may be the answer why I did not like greens so much when I was a kid.

A plum which is harvested when not ripe and still green. As it belongs to the wood element it should be green, but as it is pickled and combined with shiso leaves, it turnes red.
This plum has healing nature, lots of minerals and is called the “Japanese Alka-Selzer“.


Onion · Carrots · Parsnips Pumpkin · Manioc · Tapioka · Sweet Potatoes · Chestnuts · Mushrooms · Parsley · Root Radish · Apricots · Apple thick juice · Raspberries · Ricesirup

Sweet in general is harmonizing, relaxing and nourishing. The sweet roots help treating cold and deficient persons, such as nervous, thin, weak or aggressive. When sweet roots are eaten in combination with full wheat grains, the body will not have much sweets cravings.
When sugar is needed take malts, like molasses (dark in color and has lots of minerals, is from can sugar, but only the good stuff ) barley malt or rice sirup. They give you long lasting energy and wont push your insulin.
Highest of all fruits in pH are raspberries and apricots, even higher when dried. Balance fresh fruit with a pinch of salt or Umesu.

Almond · Rice · Oats · Soja milk or Cream
Milks are nourishing and mostly needed for kids to grow and gain weight. They should be used sparingly by adults, mostly for desserts as a sweet treat.


Ginger · Mustard · Horseradish · Pepper · Radish
Pungent stimulates and and helps the digestion. It gives you an impulse and kicks you off. That is what you expericence when you take too much o fit, like of mustard or horseradish. The pungent flavour opens the doors to our lungs and large intestine. That is where it´s needed the most to keep the system clean. Mostly pungent is eaten in mustards which is an easy way to get that digestion helping flavour and in horseradish which is mostly used to digest greasy food. Garlic is the most pungent and gives the most movement for your digestion. It has lots of healing properties and is mostly needed and tolerated in hot climates, in order to keep the large intestine clean. In colder climates this flavour is not needed as much, this might be the reason why it is sometimes not well tolerated.

Millet · Amaranth · Quinoa · Polenta · Barley · Groats · Spelt · Rice
n general grains balance constitution, like the cold, the damp, the dry, the wind and summer heat. So what kind of food could be better for us? This is the reason why we need grains the most.
Buckwheat is the most similar to the human cell in it´s potassium sodium ratio, and it grows slowly in extreme conditions, and has a funny octagonal shape, like a little pyramide. This grain gives us the most energy by
eating only little. Rice is the one to follow. Rice gives us longlasting energy too, and is the health secret of all Asian people. It strenghtens the spleen-pancreas, soothes the stomach and increases Qi energy.The brown rice still has bitter substances which contain B vitamins and minerals.
Deluted ricecongeé may used even for babies who cannot tolerate mother´s milk.
Sprouted rice helps reduce lactation useful for mothers who have painful swollen breasts.
There are so many ways to use rice, it is and will be the perfect food, as it nourishes, heals, without burden. It is digested and used best when chewed really good, for long lasting sweet energy.
Tip: Use rice to fast at least for one day, if you think you are gitting thick. It will not burden your body and you will feel great the next day!
I am from Germany, a millet country in fairy tales. The healing properties of millet are as following: it is alkalizing, balances over-acid conditions, retards bacterial growth, has high amino acids and helps those with Candida.
Barley is a grain with lots of fibers which help to digest and is recommended for those who want to loos weight.
Red Quinoa – red contains more bitter substances- and more needed in hot climates, it helps digestion by descending mucus, or heat.

Carela cucumber

Lemb´s lettuce
Green Tea
“Hildegard von Bingen“ bitter spices

Brussel Sprouts