by Cornelia Povel

Nutrition is Medicine Retreats

by Cornelia Povel



If you are determined to go for it, you will be surprised…. Hawaiian Colon Cleaning* is a smooth way to refresh and detox, to leave things behind and to get your special easyness in live.

The Hawaiian-Ayurvedic Colon Cleaning* is a physical detoxification and regeneration process and leads inevitably to a confrontation with our feelings and emotions. As body and soul are inseparably connected, you may rethink your live during the cleaning.

During the cleansing you will drink lots of liquids. A special mineral formula and a medicinal mineral soup will keep you happy during the five days. The sixth day you will a enjoy a delicious 5 Elements menu. Lectures of healthy eating and 5 Elements every day. Afternoons you will have time for excursions and outdoor activities. Mornings will start with Yoga. If you always wanted to start painting, afternoons can be a perfect start.
The Hawaiian Colon Cleaning is a process of regeneration and detoxifing and will confront you with emotions, you may even rethink your live, i’ts a process of self healing, accepted by school medicine, but no guarantee to heal any diseases. I could also support your cleaning with CQM Chinese Quantum Method a quick and easy way to let things go.

6 days detox, yoga, excursions, painting, hotel, all food, pick up and drop at airport

Contact me to have your private Colon Cleaning – I will organize a group.
Phone: +49 171 75 75 212


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*We are legally obliged to point out that colon cleansing is not a medical treatment and does not claim to be able to compensate for possible diseases. This is a self-cleaning, which – even recognized by conventional medicine – it stands for a healthy and harmonious functioning of our whole body.