Cornelia Povel

Bavaria 1957

Dietist and Nutritionist

1957 born in Bavaria grew up on a beautiful farm
1978-82 Abitur, Banking, Textil-Economics-Study
1982-87 Market Rep. buying office in New York
1987 while giving birth to first child, Eclampsia
and Near Death Experience
2005 Breast Cancer
2005-6 Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy
2005 met Jörg Krebber nutrition specialist “Nahrung ist Medizin“
2007 study of Chinese Medicine, Dietetics
2016 nutrition seminars and consultations in Frankfurt-Munich-Ibiza
2018 HQM Holistc Quantum medicine.


by Cornelia Povel


Works in San Carlos Ibiza and Germany.
Intensive Studies: Art Center and Parsons New School, New York.
Workshops : Anton Petz, Mike Keilbach, Zou Brothers and the famous German painter Markus Lüpertz.
Exhibitions Ibiza : solo and group shows, Ruta del Arte and Ibizart.
Exhibitions Germany: Union Intel Club, Frankfurt, Gallery Conzen and UBS Frankfurt.
Sparkassenversicherung Wiesbaden “Hessens Firmen zeigen ihre Künstler” in Cooperation with the “Städel” Frankfurt.

The materials she is using in her paintings are acrylic paints, ink, oil crayons, dried food such as seaweed, tea, or ashes mainly of olive wood. Surfaces are canvases and delicate papers such as transparent Glacien.