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Nutrition is Medicine

by Cornelia Povel

Welcome to my website

This old system of the 5 Elements had been lost in the last centuries and it is my intention to reveal the inner know into our consciousness again.The Old Know How about Alchemy in our kitchen and how nutrition affects our bodies is more needed than ever before. Many eastern countries still practice healthy eating habits, but more and more people tend to eat modified and processed food there as well. Still 3 billions of people live in harmony with their food and know how to balance and what to add.The rate of diseases there is much smaller and first of all, the rate of cancer, significantly lower ! According to the saying „Nutrition Is Medicine“ a doctor in the old China was only paid if his clients stayed healthy. Disease was a shame! The thinking in Japan for example was that one should be personally responsible for his children, that meant what you give on, it should be your knowledge and not just the money on your bank account.
I constantly had difficulties with my body and kept on saying that I am from another planet. Most of the diets I tried, were not right for me. I had skin irritations, of sun, of grass of anything and chronic gastritis. I was constantly hungry and had low energy. Especially when I was invited to dinners, my body was covered with red spots afterwards. Giving birth to my first child I had eclampsia and a total failure of organs, followed by a near death experience. Finally with 48, I had the diagnosis of breast cancer. I woke up and did not believe anyone besides myself. I was ready to take personal responsibility.
I grew up on a wonderful farm in Bavaria. Every day I helped my mother. We preserved cucumbers and fruit, sourdough bread was baked in a little oven outside. I loved seeing the yearly circle of sowing and harvesting. It should take many years till I should revert to my roots and lots of the questions I asked being a child, I can only understand now. Such as, why does food as it grows has different colors and shapes, or why does an apple taste sweeter when chopped? Late but finally I started to work and study intensive nutrition. In 2005 I met Jörg Krebber a German expert in nutrition and I understood that a spark was lit, for that I had been waiting many years! I studied Chinese Medicine, red many books about nutrition and went to seminars, but first of all I thought about the connection and awareness of all this, and how I could give my knowledge on and on. Since 2005 I eat mostly vegan, I can eat good portions, enjoy food and have a power and happiness I never experienced in my whole life.

& cook workshops

Theory of the 5 Elements.
How to divide nutrition into the 5 Elements.
How food acts in our bodies?
How compensates the body with bases and acids?
How can I strengthen my system?


The Hawaiian-Ayurvedic Colon Cleaning* is a physical detoxification and regeneration process and leads inevitably to a confrontation with our feelings and emotions. As body and soul are inseparably connected, you may rethink your live during the cleaning.


One week of Hawaiian colon cleaning
+ 5 Elements cooking course
+ Creating art.

Enjoy and detox while experiencing art. Suitable for beginners as for advanced. Medium mainly watercolor or acrylic, visits to Art Galleries.


You decide whenever you are ready to have your own personal colon cleansing form wherever you are. I will send you a package with all needed ingredients of the detox, such as the mineral formula and the detox medicinal soup. We will talk via Skype or tel. ahead and I will coach you with easiness through the 5 days you need for your personal cleansing.

Price including consulting and shipping of all needed goods. €360

Phone: +49 171 75 75 212



Consultations in:


Detox, healthy, antioxidative options to your daily diet.
Breakfast, soups, salads, appetizers and main dishes with a healing component.


It’s an old Chinese Know How taught by Dr. Kam Yuen. Further more I do Family Constellations and as newest tool may read your Soulplan. Certainly all online. For further more information please contact me via mail or telephone.


Painting and creative expressions are part of my workshops and retreats.

Phone: +49 171 75 75 212

Consultations in: