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A Colon Cleansing Retreat with a combination of Art and Treatments in Ibiza
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Are you longing for days of relaxation in the sun, to detox, make excursions and maybe find your creative streak?

DATES: Feb.25 to March 4, 2022 Or March 20 to 27, 2022
    • 5 days Colon Cleanse by using an old Ayurvedic way.
    • Personal consultation for your healthy bod
    • Morning Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork;
    • Energetic consultations Integrative Quantum Medicine.
    • Aura surgery consultation.
    • You will stay in the middle of of a natural reserve, on top of a green hill with spectacular views to the sea.
    • Costs for 7 days, in 1-or 2 bedroom including cure, € 1.444
    • Not included: flights, massages and cosmetic. Possible to book separately
    • 6 People max.
Since 17 years Cornelia Povel uses this smooth, but effective way of colon cleansing combined with the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine. You will be guided by her profound knowledge, learn more about your body and awake your self healing power. This method is accepted by the conventional Medicine, but does not substitute a doctors consultation. I am totally thankful for living on that beautiful island Ibiza. I am using the power of nature for treatments and art, both the purpose of my life. I am sharing my knowledge to help you to find your path to yourself for your personal wellbeing.