How do diseases arise and what can we do?
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Holistic Quantum Medicine

Is an eastern Old Know How, how to balance your energies by
integrating them into your live by studying their functions and work with them. Western science uses different ways of conquering blockages, but often the oposite occurs. HQM is an instant way to release stress which blocks your life force, may it be physical, emotional or psychic.

Consultations online: 1 ½ h € 150
Consultations face-to-face: 1 ½ h € 150

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Aura Surgery

It is to operate exclusively in the energy body of a patient and is a virtual operation in the aura by using conventional surgical instruments. The base are Quantum Physics, Chinese Traditional Medicine and Asian Martial Arts.
The practitioner works with karmic burdens and inherited informations. The complaints go when the response disappears. This may happen instantly.
Aura Surgery is a supplement to established medicine systems. It does not claim for any exclusivity.

Consultations online: 1 ½ h € 250
Consultations face-to-face: 1 ½ h € 250

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Soul Plan Reading

You may ask yourself why am I here, what is the purpose of my life. Am I living my life, why am I here in this body?

Every life is a journey and you may not find answers easily. On soul level we only know the state of being connected to everything in love.
Here on earth souls want to experience the state of duality and to reach borders. Crisis may be seen as a gifts and after a session you may look completely different at your life.

Session online : 2 h € 250
Session face-to-face : 2 h € 250