About the Five Elements of Food

 is a 2500 years old system, to see the body in whole, and treat disorders primarily with food, by balancing with ingredients within the elements. The food is your natural pharmacy. It consists of the Old Know How and experience within the Elements and their relevance together. The circle may be seen as a day, a year, or even the whole lifetime, and aswell as the body from foot to head. All ingredients mentioned support this element and one element nourishes the next, and restrains the one after the next, or needs the element from the opposite side. For example….water nourishes the plants….and water restrains the fire….best would be, and not only for the taste, that a meal contains ingredients of all 5.

Original Qi, for bones, teeth, hair. Connection to the ear. Food mostly dark colour.

Boiling, Pressure Cooker, Inserting

Mineral Soups such as Power Soups and Misosoup;

Lentils, Azuki, Pees, Chickpees, Beens, Green, Mung Beans, Soja. Tofu, Tempeh, Seitan;

Miso Soup, Power Soups, Seaweed, Bay Leaf, Juniper Berries;

Sprouts consist of precious MicroGreen, Enzymes, Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Elements, Unsaturated Fatty Acids, Proteins, Fiber, Chlorophyll;
Our origin, our original Qi, the water in the belly of our mother, the seawater, they all have the same pH of + – 7,4. It nourishes the bones, teeth and hair, reflects to kidneys and bladder. The time is winter, night or the early morning, we could be afraid, the ear might have heard a noise, the taste is salty.
 This element contains power soups, seaweed which bind toxins, fermented and minerals like Miso and legumes in similar shape to an embryo…

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