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Just love yourself , you are the most important person in your life! – hug yourself- dress young and sexy – think happy thoughts, and forget about your own little terrorist … It’s all nothing! It´s just yourself worrying, But it´s all nothing!
But besides your mental health your physical body needs food which suits you and gives you power, not taking the power away from you! It has to be energizing and should support and comfort you and bring you at maximum energy level day by day. Processed or genetic food can not give you that! There is a cosmic order of connection to the earth and universe and we have to acknowledge that. This connection I experienced 29 years ago for the first time with my near death.
Do eat all natural non processed whole foods which were produced with love to our earth, men and nature as they give the needed power to overcome any disease!
I personal eat vegan and concious, since 2005 and enjoy fish sometimes when invited, or at the sea.
Food heals with chlorophyl and minerals. Animals which eat animal protein, such as lions and dogs, need rest to digest and sleep. Their live is much shorter compared to animals such as elefants which just eat plants.
No animal in nature is sick when eating what’s just naturally there, and that´s mainly greens!


TRY TO BALANCE YOUR FOOD EVERY DAY BY USING: Sea salt (not demineralized salt) . Umepaste and Shoju and Tamari. Unsaturated oils. Lots of Spices and herbs. Lots of Greens. Sea weeds, Grains like rice, full wheat rice, amaranth, quinoa, barley, buckwheat, millet, oats. Proteins like lentils, peas, tempeh, tofu, seitan, quinoa, amaranth. Water with a positive information, tea, plant based milks.


Don´t stress yourself and start by using good oils and sea salt first. From there you add more and more of healthy nutrition, such as fresh herbs, spices….
If you want to stay with your “junk food“ eat a good portion of mustard, horseradish and pickled foods.


The human body consists more than 70 % of water.
This water has to be gently changed and refreshed every day as a gardener would water his plants. Too much water consumption may just drain out your minerals, there should be a balance.
It is not recommended to drink during the meals, better at least half an hour before, in order not to delute your gastro restistant.
There is much said about purifying water, should it be filtered, as it contains pesticides, drug residues, or is polluted by our pipelines, how should we use it?
There are two outstanding inventors who researched about water.
Teruo Higa, Prof. of Agricultural Since in Okinawa, Japan detected 1982 a people friendly and environmentally safe microbial technology. Healthy soil and clean water are maintained by the diversity and balance of the community of microorganisms, called EM trademark.
Dr. Massaru Emoto, born 43 in Yokohama, Japan, Jap. Para and Alternativ Scientist. It was 1994 when he had the idea to freeze water and observe it with microscope, by showing letters, pictures, playing music, or giving positive information to the water.
The result was that he always observed different beautiful crystals. On the other hand, he observed disfigured crystals in the opposite situation. The photograph of crystals just proved that water can be informed.
These two technologies combined can be found in EM
ceramics, or ceramic powder, which you can use to inform water or food. See :
Try to find green teas like Kukicha which is natural and not treated. This tea may be used by you and your family, and you can drink it day and night. It gives you lots of minerals you need every day to balance your food. Kukicha Tea  can be cooked in a pot several times till it does not show color any more. Coffee is easier to digest when you drink it just black. Balance your espresso with a a tiny, tiny bit of salt or cardamon.
Take your own sea salt spreader with you when eating outside, or ask for sea salt. Use sea salt on any food and if only as information to balance, like a mini, mini knife tip in your coffee, fruit- or juices or desserts. Remember the Old Know How, cake doughs have this knife tip of salt. Salt is the balance for acid foods, it contains minerals which support the Qi flow of your body. Demineralized salt can not give you that, and even interrupts the flow. This causes disease. As natural greens became more acid from year to year, cattle have to use salt bars to balance their greens. They need raw, natural salt in order to digest and stay healthy when kept fenced in.
Use Umepaste, Umesu, Sojasauce and Tamari .
The benefit of fermented lies primarily in the even higher pH than sea salt, but also in the fact that salt turns into an organic food and can be absorbed easier. People in Asian countries use much more of fermented salt as we do and stay healthier.UME PASTE or UMESU
You may add Ume to cold or hot foods, when cooking, stir frying, blending, anywhere where you would add salt.
Umesu may be used in a spray bottle to be sprayed on any dish, or used instead of vinegar.SOJA SAUCE or TAMARI
Is a fermented product and should not be heated to much. So add it to cooked foods at the end for spicing it up. Inserting in Soja sauce or Tamari is a perfect way to give food a taste.
Some foods like proteins have to be combined with oils such as legumes in order to be digested well. And remember to use precious oils for your well being! Yes, invest in biological controlled oils , as you would use oil for your car, and your “Ferrari“ needs the best you can get! Remember, oil transports food through the body.
Stir fry with the following oils: Sesame-Rapeseed-Cornseed-oil, biologically controlled. (Bio just signifies the Bio standard of the company or store who sells the product).
Add first cold pressing oils to your food generously: Olive oil, Camelina, Linseed oil, Pumpkin seed oil, Argan oil, always from first cold pressing.
Put it mainly on proteins, salads, green vegetables, on your rice congée, on your dishes for lunch and use much for your lentils, tofu or tempeh.
SPICES AND HERBS, lots of, and fresh!
When cooking add spices directly to food, for example directly into the stir frying, in order to unfold the fragrance or taste and the power of healing.
Suggested spices for cabbage or greens from wood element – balance with oposite : caraway, cumin, black cumin…
Thermally cold food like tofu need a touch of hot spice from fire ( chilly, curcuma) or from earth in order to make it thermally warmer, like vanilla, clove or cinnamon.
Buy fresh spices twice a year, as they loose their full power soon.
Buy spices fresh and best from a dealer who packages them fresh and puts the date of shelf live on it.
Do cut herbs with enamel blades, as steel oxidizes already when cutting. Oxidation should take place in the cell and not in the blender or anywhere in the kitchen. Just pick herbs in between as they contain lots of bitter substances which may help your system just in that moment and lower mucus, maybe better than a pill.
Add lots of fresh herbs to balance your food, and shure the fresh have more potential than frozen ones. Use them generously! I use to say, if everybody would just eat one bunch of fresh persil every day, this would contribute a lot to their health. But still you have to do it!
Greens bind Co2 and transports it outside the body by breathing.
Greens are mainly prepared as the following:
Wash and cut the cauliflower, broccoli or kale….
Put a pan or pot on the oven on medium heat. Add some oil, put the parts in and gently let fry a little bit, spice up, for example with cumin or cardamon, wait some minutes, add some water, put a lit on and let simmer till it´s done. Put salt in at the end. You may also dry greens in the oven, see recipe: Kale chips.
There are many different kinds of dried sea vegetables, but mainly they can be divided in instant, which means they are precooked, and others which give their great benefit when adding while cooking.
Instant algas you may use in the morning to top your ricecongée, or any other dish like a soup. You can add them to anything that has not be cooked, like on salads, or just add it to your gomasio, in order to eat more minerals.
Natural, dried algas you may use in soups, stews, lentil dishes, which need some cooking time. You just add 1 or 2 big pieces as they grow and get big with the liquid. There are fines ones too which have to be cooked and used like salads.
To begin with I would recommend the instant ones, for more advanced and more healing benefits, but definitely for lentils, I would recommend the ones which have to be cooked.
There´s a easy way to prepare a Hiki Alga Salad. Wash the Hiki algas about 3 times and let them soak for about 10 min. Cook them for about ½ hour. When cooled down, drain and add some Umesu, Oliveoil and lots of Persil.
Use Agar Agar, a sea vegetable, gluten free, a healthy alternative to thicken desserts, just dissolve in liquids.
Use also Kudzu which is a plant, not a sea plant, but has to be cooked within liquids. Kudzu is medicine for your colon.
As root nurish your middle and give you long lasting ernergy, you should cook them twice a week as following: put a pot on the oven and add some sesame-or rapeseed-oil. Peel and cut the roots in pieces and stir fry them for about 3 min till you notice a nice smell.
Then add one or two cups of water and let simmer till the roots are done. Add some salt, and when serving oliveoil and some fresh herbs like persil. That´s the way to augment the pH of a vegetable by cutting, cooking, spicing and adding oil and herbs.
For breakfasts I recommend a rice congée, see my recipe, or use a congeé maker.
Alternatively, just put some rice-, millet-, oats-, or buckwheat-flakes in your own combination in a pot with some water, and prepare your hot breakfast, for long lasting energy, throughout the day.
Grains are mainly cooked in water. I recommend a rice cooker, as it does it´s work while you are free to do something else.
To cook full wheat rice, or some other grains, you fill in a certain measurement and add too times the water to it. You would benefit by adding curcuma, sea salt and cardamon seeds now into the water.
This brings up the pH and makes the grain more digestible.
When cooking quinoa I add some amaranth to it. Both they have a high content of protein, and work perfectly together.
May be used in wok dishes, as scrambled eggs, or easy spreads.
In wok dishes I use mainly spiced tofu such as curry, mediterranean or shiitake. I fist stir fry some onion, ginger and leek in some sesame oil and add the diced tofu into the wok. Now come the matching spices, such as curry, masala, cumin, a pinch of cinnamon etc. for the curry version. Into the Mediterranean I would use basil, rosemary, thyme and a pinch of chily, oh I could get crazy about all these flavors…last not least, the shiitake get just some instant sea vegetables. Gently stir fry the tofu and add some Soja sauce, when cooled down a little bit. If you like it creamy just add some vegan cream, like soja-or almond-cream to it. If you like more sauce, pour some vegetal soup in the pan, after the tofu is done. Let simmer for some minutes, add 1-2 tsp kudzu, until it thickens, let cool a little while and add the soja sauce.
For scrambles eggs, I crush the tofu into a pan with Rapeseed oil, spice up with curcuma, salt and pepper, and top the dish with lots of fresh herbs. This is a perfect dish for breakfasts on weekends.
Tofu spread
Easy to do.
Just put the raw tofu into a blender and mix for some minutes. Add the Umepaste, ( salt and lemon instead ) mustard, spices or fresh herbs and last not least the most important, the Olive- or Linseed oil.
These kind of spreads I use for sandwiches, on idlis, in my lunchbox for protein supply, in combination with rice and vegetables, or with any rice-or kamut noodle-dish.
Bean spread
just use any precooked beans, put them in a bowl, add Umepaste ( sea salt and some lemon juice instead) add pepper, some spices like chily and cardamon and blend to a paste, add some good olive oil, ready. This takes about 2-3 min. to prepare, and you can always have some organic preserved beans in your stock at home.
Tempeh I use more often than tofu, as it is fermented and for me easier to digest. As it stays fresh in the fridge for quite some time, I have it always on stock and may use it whenever I need. This is very important for me to have something quick and easy to cook at home, when hunger attacks me. Tempeh comes natural and spiced up.
Tempeh I just slice in fine pieces of about 4 mm, put in a pan with sesame-or rapeseed oil and fry it from both sides. Tempeh needs quite some oil. After some time when it´s golden and brown I put it on a plate and just add some soja sauce. Tempeh is that kind of protein everybody loves, also the most resistant to vegan foods. Tip: eat Tempeh with 5 Element mayonnaise.
Seitan is safe also for people who don´t tolerate gluten.
It looks like a sponge and has no own flavor. You have to soak it first in some water, for 10 min, then dice it and insert it in some soja sauce.
Stir fry some onion, ginger and leek in sesame oil and add the diced seitan into the wok. Add some spices, such as curry, masala, cumin, a pinch of cinnamon and chilly and let stir fry till the seitan is really nice done. Pour some vegetal soup in the pan, let simmer for some minutes, add 1-2 tsp kudzu, until it thickens, let cool a little while and add soja sauce and a little apple thickjuice to spice up.
I use the seitan with rice, kamut-buckweath-or rice-noodles or sweet potatoes.
Lentils in combination of brown rice give you the perfect combination of aminoacids you will feel very satisfied after eating this dish. You should eat this combination of lentils and grains twice a week. It is a fairytale that lentils let you gain weight, they just satisfy your needs.
The bigger ones like aduki I have to soak for quite some hours, maybe 4-6, but the small ones like beluga, can be used dry.
Same, same I always begin with some onion and ginger, cut, and stir fry in a pot with sesame oil. Some cut carrots und turnips I also through in the pot. Then I add the dry lentils and stir for about 2-3 minutes. It´s now time for some spices like curry. When I smell the flavour I pour 2-3 cups of water into the pot, followed by some sea vegetables for minerals. Then lots of juniper, at least 20, and about 4-5 laurel leaves for easy digestion, go into the pot aswell, then I let simmer till the lentils are done.
I add sea salt or Umepaste, and I love the taste of some mirin, a rice wine now. It is very important to add a lot of olive oil, like ½ cup, to this dish, as the lentils can be better digested that way.
Chickpeas I use for making humus and in wok dishes instead of tempeh, or tofu as a protein. If you use them in dry, you first have to soak them for about 6 hours in order to get them soft by cooking afterwards. I usually put them into a steamer in proportion 1 cup chickpeas – 4 cups water. At least it takes 1 hour to get them soft. The easier way is to buy them precooked in a jar and just use them when needed.
Quinoa and amaranth
A perfect combination as I use these two for dinner. They have a big amount of proteins and don´t cause problems in the night. I just cook them in proportion 3:1 quinoa to amaranth in water with curcuma and add some sea salt when done.
Chia I use to replace eggs when needed for cakes or any kind of sweet desserts. (See recipe for raspberry cake)
I let it soak in water, 2 Tbs of Chia in 1 cup of water and add it to the dessert or to smoothen any cream.
Tip also add 2 Tps of corn seed-or rapeseed oil, this makes the dish even creamier.
Almond Milk
Frankly when I was thinking to put a recipe for almond milk on my page, I thought how did I make any kinds of vegan milks before I bought a congeé maker?
But here comes an easy way to do it :
• 1 cup raw organic almonds, (easier with no peel)
• 4 cups of water
• some vanilla
Soak almonds for at least 12 hours in pure water with ½ tsp sea salt. Soaking nuts should be done before eating them as well, as the soaking makes nuts more digestable. Just squeeze the nuts through your hands in order to take the peel of.
Mix almonds with pure water in a blender or Vitamix until smooth any creamy.
Strain mixture into a large bowl through a sprout bag, cheese cloth or kitchen towel.
You may add some vanilla for a sweeter taste.
Fridge for up to 5 days.
Rice milk
Version with cooked rice:
• 1/2 cup cooked brown rice
• 2 cups filtered water
• Pinch of  sea salt
Throw the cooked brown rice, water, and salt in your blender, and blast on high for about 60 seconds, until smooth and creamy.
Strain mixture into a large bowl through a sprout bag, cheese cloth or kitchen towel, gently squeezing it to pass the liquid through.
Milk will stay fresh in fridge for about 5 days.
Version with soaked rice:
• 1/2 cup brown rice
• 2 cu ps water
• Pinch of sea salt
Put rice in a bowl and add the water. Set aside to soak for 10–12 hours.
When soaking is complete, pour rice and water into blender, add salt, and vanilla, if desired, and blend at highest setting until rice grains are no longer visible.
Strain mixture into a large bowl through a sprout bag, cheese cloth or kitchen towel, gently squeezing it to pass the liquid through.
Chill rice milk and shake well before each use. Stays fresh
in the fridge for about 3 days.

♥ TIPS ♥

For breakfast
A) Kukicha Tea with Miso. Rice-millet or buckwheat- flakes cooked in water. Salty: add sea salt or Tamari, Oliveoil and gomasio; Sweet: add rice sirup or barley malt, dried apricots or goji plus a little sea salt for balancing;
B) Powersoup, vegetable soup with Miso, rice congeé with gomasio and instant algae, top with some sprouts, or herbs and oilveoil;
C) Any kind of carrier, as bread, white or whole wheat, top with spread such as Umepaste, humus, avocado mousse, tofu spread, or 5El-mayonnaise, and put a large piece of fried tofu, any flavor on top, garnish with pickled onion.
For lunch
A) Quinoa, millet or full wheat rice, steamed vegetables, a piece of tofu or tempeh, Umesu and Olive oil or 5 EL mayonnaise;
B) Quinoa, millet or full wheat rice, steamed vegetables, tofu, tempeh, or lentils, 5EL mayonnaise, fresh green herbs, sprout salad.
C) Quinoa, millet or full wheat rice, steamed vegetables, big pieces of tofu or tempeh, 5EL mayonnaise, pickled radish, fresh green herbs, sprout salad.
For dinner
An old Chinese proverb says: the dinner leave to your enemies..
So eat early enough. It should be the smallest portion of the day.
A) Minestrone (soup with vegetables, legumes and barley)
B) Steamed vegetable platter with 5 EL Mayonnaise, vegetal spreads such as tofu or legumes.
C) Big piece of Tofu, Tempeh or Seitan with steamed green vegetables, Quinoa Amaranth, 5 EL Mayonnaise, or wok dish
containing onion, ginger, Tofu, Tempeh or Seitan with green vegetables.
For sweet cravings
When whole foods such as whole wheat rice, beets and roots are eaten in combination of legumes, the sweet craving will be significant lower. The white sugar always keeps you on the high insulin level and takes your minerals and lets you be a perfect consumer of all sweet products. So get out of there!
A knife tip of molasses, barley malt or rice sirup could keep you alive! It does not affect your blood sugar as normal white or brown sugar does. It just gives you some power to keep on going and keeps you off the candy bars. Please see my receipe of energy balls.


Do eat 2-3 good healthy meals per day and alow yourself enough time for your meal.
Pay attention, appreciate your food while eating.
Eat in peace without electronic devices . They lower the vibration and energy of your food.
Do not eat in between and don´t stress yourself, as you push your insulin production and fatty acids are built again and again. This exhausts your pancreas and needs zink (check your zink level)
Eat food which was produced, prepared and cooked with love!
Do stir clockwise as this gives the food a positive swing. Be aware that even your personal stiring brings energy into your food.
Do chew well ! Breathe! Relax!
Do yoga and meditation, when stressed you exhale less and Co2 can not leave your body.
When using a micowave the molecules are starting to vibrate and rotate faster. This produces friction and heat from outside. The DNA will be destroyed and genetically changed. The food becomes toxic for the body. The human being consists of 35.000 different materials. 100.000 new genes have been artificially created by industry. This is called polymerases, tailoring with genes is impossible for the body to recognize and stores them as poisoned deposits, which you can see everywhere….
The Oxford – China Nutrition Surveys
A Comparison: Asian and American Approaches to Diet. Based on the Cornell-Oxford-China Nutrition Surveys
FAT: Chinese eat half the fat that Americans do
PROTEIN: Chinese eat one third less protein than Americans do
CARBOHYDRATES: Americans eat 30% less carbohydrates than people in China do
FIBER: Americans eat 70% less fiber than people, on average, in China do
HEART DISEASE – WOMAN: American woman have five times he risk of dying from heart disease of Chinese woman
HEART DISEASE – MEN: Middle-aged men in America are 1700% more likely to die from heart disease than men oft he same age in China.
*Approx. 90% oft he protein consumed in China is from plant sources; 70% of Americas is from animal sources.
*The nation with the lowest breast cancer in the world is China
*The lowest rates of heart disease and breast cancer were found where the lest animal protein and the most fruit, vegetables, and grains were consumed.
*American woman receive twice the dietary calcium of woman in China, yet have much higher rates in bone loss. Very little dairy is consumed in China
*Along with the political, social, and economic “progress” in China, heart disease, obesity, and diabetics are on the rise in cities-as rich, greasy, fast-food diets become more commonplace.
Reference: The China Project by T.Colin Campbell