You may have questions and have tried already many different diets or nutrition plans. You maybe never had problems and now all of a sudden things happen in your body and would you like to reconnect with yourself and understand whats going on?
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With the Old Know How and the 5 Elements, learn how to balance food and how different food can work in your body. I will give you direction and guide you on your special way of well being and reconnection with yourself.

Consultation per phone: 1–1 ½h. €250
Personal Consultation in Ibiza or Munich: 2h. €380

This appointment needs confirmation. I will contact you to confirm date and hour. Thank you.

Colon Cleansing

5 days detox program

In Ibiza including all treatments and acomodation

Join yourself to the dates or we can organize a private retreat for you or for your group. Max 3 persons

The house is between Jesus and Cala Llonga in the beautiful island of Ibiza.
Want to know the program for this Colon Cleansing Retreat?

Colon Cleansing


And I guide you through your detox online.


Includes a Private consultation and a shopping plan about what to buy for preparing your meals.

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Your kitchen products will be seen and dicused and we look what products are useful to stay and which should better go.

Consultation and Plan including a visit to your kitchen
3 Hours €560